Breeding thoroughbred racehorses in Australia

A view from the Heath

Royal Ascot

July 2017

I’ve just finished a fortnight in Europe with racing at Royal Ascot followed by a week in France, where I was fortunate enough to visit a number of horse studs and training establishments, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with some of Europe’s leading bloodstock experts and realised how global the horse racing industry now is. It was an exciting trip and a great opportunity to learn more about the wonderful and intriguing world of thoroughbred horse breeding. Everyone I met was passionate about the industry and were very warm and open and more than happy to share their knowledge and experience.

I’ve always been a keen reader of anything to do with thoroughbred horse breeding and what struck me while I was away was the massive amount of knowledge out there that has never been published. Of course some people keep their knowledge close to their chest, fearing it might give away a commercial advantage but most have always been willing to answer questions.

There is no magic formula with thoroughbred horse breeding, no one source of knowledge that one person has that will guarantees success. I believe it’s this reason that keeps so many people interested; everyone has a chance of breeding a champion from the wealthiest people around the world right down to hopefully you and I.  Of course marketing and hype is everywhere and you need to keep things in perspective, make your own judgement, work with people you trust and then hope for the best. Trends will come and go and I’ve seen stallions that so called experts have said will never make it end up leading stallions and vice versa.

I hope you enjoy the information I write about this topic and I don’t expect everyone to agree with it because as I have already said – no one person alone holds all the knowledge.

Glen Spratt