You don’t have to give up your job or buy a farm to breed race horses.

A lot of people who are new to thoroughbreds believe that you must own the farm to become a thoroughbred breeder. This misconception is fair enough because race horse breeding immediately conjures up that romantic image. Many of Australia’s most successful breeders have never owned a farm and never want to. The buy a mare and then pay for it to be cared for on a farm owned and run by someone else. You will find that most race horse breeders will start with one mare and build up their breeding stock as they go.  A horse stud will usually charge around $25 to $30 a day to care for and feed your mare and what surprises most newcomers is that it is quite affordable especially when compared tp what it costs to train a race horse where the costs can be over $100 a day.

Using a farm to look after your mare means you can get started as a horse breeder with just one mare and without incurring the huge costs that go with purchasing an entire horse stud.