Breeding from your mare can be rewarding and exciting

Breeding from your mare can be rewarding and exciting

One of the reasons that fillies are popular choices to buy as racehorses is the fact that most have some sort of “residual value” once their racing career has finished. What this means is that even if a horse does not return  her purchase price in prize money she will still have value as a future broodmare.

What many race horse owners don’t realise is that you don’t have to sell your mare to a thoroughbred breeder. You have the choice to keep her and enjoy being involved in producing the next generation of race horses. What’s more it’s usually a lot less expensive than training a race horse and you have the choice of selling the foal or racing it yourself.

The owners of Lustre Lodge understand you, because that’s how we started our farm – owning one mare and then building up from there.

So don’t feel threatened about speaking to us about the future of your race mare, were happy to have a chat about how it works and what it will cost.

We are also often prepared to become partners in the breeding business with you – that way we all work together to make sure we get the very best result for your mare and your future foal.


We offer

  • A free consultation on your mare’s future and a budget analysis of what it will cost you
  • Ongoing agistment and care of the mare and the future foal
  • An opportunity for some part owners to sell their interest in your mare to Lustre Lodge so that others can become involved in the breeding stage of her career
  • The highest quality breeding facilities and personal attention


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